CDL Classes

Phoenix Truck Driving School offers commercial driver’s license (CDL) classes at locations in Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. We strive to give every student the knowledge and skills they will need to start their truck driving career. Our programs are licensed and we are affiliated with numerous trucking associations across the United States.

Common Material for our CDL Schools

The programs at our different campuses vary slightly, but all of them are designed to help students obtain a CDL and enter the trucking industry. Certain curriculum is the same at all campuses.

This includes:

CDL Knowledge Test

All of our programs begin in a classroom or online setting, where students learn the material that appears on the written portion of the CDL test. This exam covers important safety information that you’ll need to understand to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). This includes transporting cargo, vehicle inspections, recognizing and handling driving hazards, and definitions related to commercial driving.

Inspections, Cab Familiarization, and Basic Road Skills

After you pass your written test and earn your commercial learner’s permit (CLP), our CDL classes transition from an instructional setting to hands-on learning. We will go over pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections as well as cab familiarization and basic road skills.

Three CDL Endorsements

There are three CDL endorsements that we offer at most of our locations. The first is doubles/triples, also known as long combination vehicles. This allows you to drive trucks that haul two or three trailers instead of one. The second is the tanker/tank endorsement, which is required to haul large quantities of liquids or gases. Finally, our CDL classes include material from the hazardous materials (hazmat) endorsement test. This endorsement requires an additional background check which is performed by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA).

Air Brakes

A portion of the CDL written test is dedicated to air brake systems. While hydraulic brakes (more common for lighter vehicles) use brake fluid to transfer pressure to the braking mechanism, air brakes use compressed air. If you do not pass the air brakes test, you will have a restriction placed on your CDL. This prevents you from driving vehicles using air brake systems and can make it much harder to find a truck driving job. Our training courses cover the material from the air brakes test.

On-the-Road Training

All of our programs include a period of on-the-road training under the supervision of one of our experienced instructors. This will give you more confidence in operating a tractor-trailer and will prepare you to take your CDL skills test.

Job Placement Assistance

All of our campuses offer a job placement assistance program. Our staff can help you find trucking companies whose jobs match your career goals. With this program, many of our students have offers even before graduation.

Variations in our Programs

In addition to the material that is consistent across all our CDL training programs, there are some variations that are specific to each location.

These include:

Active Trucking Terminal

Our Albuquerque location is located at the same site as an active Swift terminal, and our El Paso location is on the Knight terminal. These locations allow students at this campus to have increased exposure to the real world of trucking. The drivers that pass through the terminal are able to answer questions and talk about life on the open road.

Military and Veteran Training

Our CDL school at Fort Bliss specifically serves active-duty and veteran military members and their families. This program specializes in reintegration and is designed with the needs of the military community in mind and veterans can use their military benefits, such as GI Bill®** funding, to pay for their education. This campus is one of the top 10 Military Friendly Schools as well as a Military Spouse Friendly School. Our Phoenix campus has also been recognized as a Military Friendly School and GI Bill® funds can also be used at Albuquerque NM, Flagstaff AZ, and Kingman AZ locations.

Quality Truck Driving Education

Start on the road to a rewarding career in the trucking industry with Phoenix Truck Driving School. No matter which location you attend, you can be confident in our programs and experienced instructors.

Contact us today to learn more about our CDL classes.

*GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill