The dashboard of a semi-truck practicing defensive driving as they maintain a safe following distance behind another semi-truck

Defensive Driving Tips for Truckers

One of the keys to staying safe on the road is to always drive defensively. This is especially true for drivers in the trucking industry. Truckers spend long hours on the road and face a wide variety of dangerous road conditions. You never know what is around the corner, so learning to drive defensively is Read More

A yellow sign on the front of a semi-truck that reads student driver signifying CDL school challenges

Top CDL School Challenges and How to Face Them

If you want to become a truck driver, the first step is earning your commercial driver’s license (CDL). Most trucking companies prefer to hire drivers who have attended truck driving school, so this is the preferred route for most individuals entering the industry. Although completing your training at CDL school can come with its challenges, Read More

A man sitting in a semi-truck giving a thumbs up to show that trucking is a great career for veterans

Why Trucking is a Great Career for Veterans

For many veterans, the transition from military service to civilian life is challenging. Civilian companies don’t always know how to take advantage of their unique values and skill set. If you are nervous about making the switch from active duty, consider a career in trucking. Not only are drivers in high demand, but this is Read More

An OTR trucker sleeping on a pillow on his steering wheel

Tips for Better Sleep as an OTR Trucker

One of the many challenges an over-the-road truck driver faces is getting quality sleep while they are on the road. As an OTR trucker, sleeping in your semi-truck is something you will have to get used to. If getting sufficient sleep is an issue for you, try out some of our tips to help you Read More

The back of a semi-truck that reads driver training showing what to expect during trucking company training

What to Expect During Trucking Company Training

After you earn your commercial driver’s license (CDL), you’re ready to hit the road and start your trucking career. However, you likely aren’t completely finished with training just yet. Many over-the-road (OTR) trucking companies require on-the-job training before you can go solo. It’s helpful to know what to expect during this process so you can Read More

A man standing with his arms crossed in front of two semi-trucks representing an owner-operater vs company driver

Owner-Operator vs Company Driver

Many truckers are drawn to the industry because of their independence. This career offers the ability to enjoy the freedom of the open road and to manage many aspects of your own daily schedule, even if you are an employee of a trucking company. That being said, many desire to take this a step further Read More

A trucker looking down at a GPS on his phone as he practices trip planning

A Guide to Trip Planning for Truckers

Efficiency is one of the most crucial qualities of a good truck driver. Not only is it important to your company and customers receiving the freight, but it also allows you to drive more miles and earn more money. Trucking trip planning is the first step toward successful delivery. Being prepared before you set out Read More

A close up of a trucker holding a radio in one hand and the steering wheel in the other as they speak to their driver dispatcher

Tips for Working With Your Driver Dispatcher

The relationship with your dispatcher is one of the most important working relationships in the trucking industry. It can be challenging to navigate at first, but extremely rewarding if you build a strong connection with them. The first step to working with your driver dispatcher is understanding their role. Then, you can openly communicate and Read More

A truck on a city street in the local trucking industry

What to Know About Local Trucking

After earning your commercial driver’s license (CDL), there are a variety of different career options available to you. Although over-the-road (OTR) trucking is the most common job for new graduates, this isn’t the only choice you have once you’ve gained some experience. Local trucking is one option that keeps you close to home. Here’s what Read More

A tired trucker, representing the importance of hours of service regulations

Hours of Services Basics for Truckers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the trucking industry and sets a variety of requirements that truckers and motor carriers must follow. These include limits on hours of service, also known as HOS. It’s essential for drivers to know these requirements and to stay in compliance with them. What is the Purpose of Read More

A semi-truck on the highway at sunset, representing trucking statistics

Trucking Statistics to Know

Are you looking for a new career? You should consider earning your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and entering the trucking industry. Demand for truckers is high and you can earn more than $69,480 per year.* If you’d like to learn more about trucking, this article includes some interesting statistics about the industry. The Importance of Read More

A heart-shaped bowl with healthy food next to a weight and a water bottle, representing health tips for truckers

Health Tips for Truck Drivers

Staying healthy can be a challenge. However, making the effort to develop healthier habits can have a significant positive impact on your life. Truck drivers face unique concerns, but with some effort, it’s definitely possible for truckers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some health tips for life on the road as a trucker: Read More